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Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter for WEDM-Medium Speed Wire Cut CNC EDM Machine and WEDM-Low Speed Wire Cut CNC EDM Machine Etc.

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Suzhou BMG Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Meeting the requirements of customers associated with Wire Cut CNC EDM Machine.

Suzhou BMG Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative manufacturer and exporter with independent R&D and production capacity that works closely with colleges and universities in Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Our major products are WEDM-Medium Speed Wire Cut CNC EDM Machine and WEDM-Low Speed Wire Cut CNC EDM Machine and we provide sales and technical support both domestically and internationally.

We place a high value on product quality and customer service. The companys persistent principle and enterprise development orientation are Quality first, Service first, and Customer first. BMG employees see it as their personal responsibility to improve Chinas manufacturing equipment, and they are dedicated to providing WEDM-HS and WEDM-LS to the majority of businesses, educational institutions and military units with excellent performance, reliable quality and outstanding cost performance.
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A Strong Team

We have a strong team of professionals who work round the clock and enable us to meet the demands of customers associated with advanced machines. The assistance of our task force enables us to design and develop advanced, efficient and user-friendly

Our Brand

We are supplying our products under the brand name BMG and we are happy to state that we have made it a reliable name in the international market. Since 2007, our brand has been the top choice of customers as we deliver premium quality at reasonable rates.

Choose Us Because..

We always deliver value to customers invested time and money, which is why we deliver quality products to them.
We never charge unfair rates for products, therefore, the majority of customers buy them easily.


Customers who purchase from us need not worry about the quality because we maintain the best possible superiority in our array. We also pass every single machine through strict quality standards and if we find any defect, we send the range back to our production cell to rectify the same.


Our company was the first in China to introduce the Five-Axis CNC Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machine, which is equipped with a 0.1 m intelligent control system for low-speed wire cutting with high resolution
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